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The leading vending technology provider 365 Retail Markets announced the acquisition of Oakland, California based Stockwell, a smart-store technology company. The deal helps 365 Retail Markets to upgrade the technology for customers and will add new locations.

  • Stockwell has gathered some of the best minds to build a retail platform that focuses on artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision.
  • The 1000+ Stockwell locations will continue to be serviced to the highest standards.
  • 365 intends to hire select team members and integrate the technology platform into its industry leading 365 Point of Sale systems.

In November 2019, 365 Retail Markets, along with leading European route-based unattended self-service retailer Selecta is proud to announce the international expansion of their MicroMarket technology into Germany with the launch of the country’s first Selecta FOODIE’S MicroMarket workplace solution. In response to the convenience services industry growth, 365 Retail Markets pioneered one of the first self-service MicroMarket technologies in the United States. The 365 MicroMarket kiosk radically transformed the way people connect to food and beverages.

In September 2019, 365 Retail Markets announced that they have acquired the self-service technology company, Company Kitchen of Merriam, Kansas. The business confirmed that the Company Kitchen employees and customers will transition to be a part of 365 Retail Markets, the global MicroMarket leader. 365 is also looking forward to working with hundreds of new customers and take advantage of the premier customer engagement, dining and self-service technology the Company Kitchen team has built.

About 365 Retail Markets
365 Retail Markets, headquartered in Michigan, the USA, is the global leader of self-service technology and convenience solutions for the Foodservice industry. The company delivers products that are secure, scalable, and reliable. It provides broad range of technologies range from vending, dining, mobile, and MicroMarkets.

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