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The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group approved a loan of over € 25 million for the financing of the Agricultural Value Chain Development and Promotion Project in the governorate of Zaghouan (PDPFA).

By promoting the sustainable development of agricultural sectors, this new operation will contribute to strengthening the dynamic of economic and social inclusion with a view to improving living conditions, particularly for young people and women in the governorate.

In order to raise the levels of productivity and added value, the project supports in particular the olive, dairy and organic and high potential sectors in terms of job creation and income. 

“With a logic of transformation bringing greater added value, the project aims to consolidate the contribution of the agricultural sector to the growth dynamic, for the benefit of the people of the governorate of Zaghouan,” said Mohamed El Azizi, director General of the African Development Bank for the North Africa Region.

The project will set up new agricultural tracks and proceed to the creation and rehabilitation of irrigated perimeters. It is also a question of creating new boreholes and surface wells to improve the mobilization of water resources, with the key to saving water. Actions to support the development of value chains of promising agricultural sectors and to strengthen the resilience of agro-ecological systems.

“Apart from a logic of productivity enhancement that will benefit more than 12,000 inhabitants, more than half of whom are women, this project is also a climate change adaptation project”, said, for its part, the director Deputy Country Manager and Country Manager for Tunisia, Yacine Diama Fal.

Aligned with three of the Bank’s five strategic priorities (referred to as “High5”), the project contributes primarily to the “Feed Africa” ​​goal, while contributing to the implementation of two other priorities. know how to “industrialize Africa” ​​and “improve the quality of life of populations”.

In line with the Bank’s historic support, the PDPFA is in perfect harmony with the objectives of Tunisia’s Strategic Development Plan 2016-2020. Objectives of promoting competitive and sustainable agriculture, sustainable management of natural resources and ensuring a decent income for farmers.

The partnership between Tunisia and the African Development Bank has lasted more than half a century, with a total financial commitment of nearly US $ 9 billion. These funds cover different sectors, including energy, water, transport, agriculture and social development.

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