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Vienna based leading food company AGRANA has constructed a second wheat starch processing plant at Pischelsdorf, in the Tullnerfeld region of Lower Austria. The company has invested $110 million for starch processing plant.

Details provided below:

  • •After construction of new plant AGRANA is effectively doubling its wheat starch production capacity.
  • The new plant will increase the number of jobs by 45 to a total of 250.
  • The newly constructed wheat starch facility will annually process approximately 650,000 tonnes of wheat to produce 260,000 tonnes of wheat starch, 50,000 tonnes of wheat gluten, 100,000 tonnes of wheat gluten feed and 35,000 tonnes of wheat bran.
  • The processed wheat starch is used, in the production of noodles, bread and other bakery products by food industry. And wheat gluten is mainly employed in the bakery products sector or in the manufacture of pet food products as well as in fish food.
  • Vienna’s leading food company AGRANA also processes the commodities corn, potatoes and wheat to make starches at five production sites in Europe and sells starch-based products to worldwide customers operating in over 20 different sectors.
  • The Pischelsdorf site in Lower Austria also houses a bioethanol facility in addition to its wheat starch plant. After extracting wheat starch and gluten, the remaining unutilised fractions of the raw materials are used in the production of bioethanol and the GMO-free, protein-rich animal feed ActiProt
    • Food processing firm AGRANA converts agricultural raw materials into high-quality foods and numerous industrial intermediate products. The company has approximately 9,600 employees at 57 production sites worldwide.

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