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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to unprecedented disruptions to the growth of global industries and the supply chain. European countries, especially Spain, have been heavily affected by this outbreak. The Spanish Government has announced welfare packages for citizens and business affected by the pandemic. The Government has adopted a programme of exceptional economic measures to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.
Amid global pandemic Amazon, Microsoft and NetApp has announced their business expansion in Spain. Details are featured below:

Amazon invests in new infrastructures in Spain:

The leading e-commerce firm Amazon expands its logistics network in Spain. The US company has set the end of next summer as the date for the opening of its first logistics station in Murcia, which will be staffed by 30 employees. In the first phase it will be supported externally by five independent delivery companies, a collaboration it calculates will lead to the creation of another 200 jobs.

The new warehouse is located in the Parque del Sureste logistics park in the capital of Murcia, and will have an area of around 17,000 m². John Tagawa, vice president of Amazon Logistics in Europe, says: “We are very excited with the opening of this new logistics station in Murcia and with the possibility of providing our more than 20 years of operational experience, technological advances and investment to create hundreds of job opportunities and allow faster deliveries in order to improve the customer experience”.

Amazon‘s other investments in Spain includes:

• Robotic center in Seville by Amazon: The US giant Amazon, also announced the forthcoming construction of a robotic logistics center in Dos Hermanas (Seville). This is the fourth center of its kind that Amazon has set up in Spain, and is due to come on line at the end of summer 2020. Over the next three years, the warehouse will create 1,000 new jobs, at a distance of only 14 km from the capital of Andalusia.

• Investment in renewable energy: The multinational has therefore also announced its investment in its second renewable energy project in Spain. The new solar plant in Zaragoza will have a capacity of 50 megawatts, and will be used by the company to supply energy to the Amazon Web Services data centers.

Microsoft opens a new datacenter region in Spain

Microsoft has announced the forthcoming opening of a new datacenter region in Spain. This infrastructure will serve to promote the offer of cloud services and support for companies’ digital transformation. Companies and public entities of all sizes will no longer need to depend on other regions and will have enhanced access to Microsoft’s services. Additionally, as this is a national region, it will be adapted to the specific needs of data residency and the local legislation in this area.

The US company’s plans are supported by the strategic collaboration of Telefónica. The two companies already had a relationship worldwide, which has now been reinforced to offer their customers all the possibilities available in the cloud to innovate and grow their activities. The goal is to make it easier for their customers to create new business opportunities and enhance their competitiveness.

As part of Telefónica’s digital transformation, the company will use the Microsoft cloud in its internal operations. This will allow it to improve its efficiency, flexibility and scalability, optimize its operations and reduce costs. The operator has also rolled out the Microsoft 365 tool to improve communication and collaboration between its employees in the 14 countries in which it operates.

NetApp opens a support center in Barcelona for the EMEA region
The US company NetApp, specialising in data solutions for the hybrid cloud, has announced the forthcoming opening in Barcelona of a digital sales hub (DSH) with which to support all its sales teams in the EMEA region. Its main aim will be to ensure the optimal management of business opportunities for its digital sales teams.

The new support center will serve to reinforce NetApp’s offer of cloud solutions and its strategic alliances with hyperscale partners (with a large processing capacity) such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. The choice of Barcelona, in coordination with the company’s headquarters in Madrid, consolidates Spain’s position within the corporate structure as a focus for innovation and talent.

The DSH will be located in the Barcelona center and aspires to become a point of reference for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Its facilities will host professionals of different nationalities who will exchange ideas and experiences, and offer personalized interaction with the customers, always applying the highest standards of excellence and satisfaction while seeking to increase business volume and turnover.

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