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Image processing technology leader Arcure based in France signs a new Industrial Partnership with Asteelflash to increase its Blaxtair production capacity to over 500 a month.

Details provided below:

  • •France based Arcure, a specialist in artificial intelligence (AI) applied to image processing in industry.
  • The Blaxtair is an onboard people detection system developed in partnership with the CEA (the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission).
  • Blaxtair innovative 3D camera detects obstacles near mobile plant, materials handling equipment, logistics and worksite vehicles.
  • The AI embedded, Blaxtair can also differentiate between a person and an obstacle or object, within a defined detection zone around the vehicle, to prevent accidents.
  • “We are proud of our French manufacturing heritage and to announce the launch of this new production line, in a factory that has been long-established in France,” said Franck Gayraud, Arcure’s CEO.

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