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ASSA ABLOY, a leading security solution company, has announced to sell its Nordic locksmith business CERTEGO to Nalka Invest. CERTEGO is a market-leading locksmith and security solutions installation business in the Nordic region.

  • Nalka Invest invests in small- and medium-sized businesses primarily in the Nordic region.
  • Nalka Invest will take CERTEGO to the next level as part of their business transformation and wish them and the CERTEGO team every success in their future endeavors
  • CERTEGO has a network of around 70 locations with employees in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

The deals and acquisitions by ASSA ABLOY are featured below:

June 2021: To strengthen core business, ASSA ABLOY announced to acquire MR Group´s hardware division in Portugal. Águeda based MR Group´s hardware division, is a leading supplier of aluminum profile hardware and locks across the country.

March 2021: To expand in textile industry ASSA ABLOY announced the acquisition of the textile services business of Invengo Information Technology Co., Ltd, in France. The deal includes a real-time inventory management platform combining software, RFID tags, equipment and services to efficiently identify, track and monitor linen and textile assets.

Feb 2021: To accelerate technological portfolio ASSA ABLOY has acquired Loughborough based Technology Solutions (TSL) in the UK. TSL designs, develops and manufactures ruggedized mobile RFID readers and other multi-technology.

Sep 2020: The leading security and solution provider ASSA ABLOY announced to that it signed an agreement to sell its sensor technology business CEDES in Switzerland to capiton AG. CEDES was established in 1986 and it has more than 320 employees.

Aug 2020: ASSA ABLOY had announced the acquisition of the UK based Access-IS, a leading provider of electronic RFID, NFC and barcode devices enabling the authentication of travel and identity documents, ticket reading and contactless payments.

July 2020: ASSA ABLOY had announced an agreement to acquire Netherlands based FocusCura, a leading provider of technology solutions for senior care in the Dutch market.

April 2020, Around 100,000 face masks have been sourced by our Asia Pacific division to assist the Swedish community in the fight against the coronavirus. Meeting the challenges of quickly sourcing the face masks and arranging shipping has been possible partly because of valuable experience gained during the coronavirus outbreak in China earlier this year.

February 2020, ASSA ABLOY had acquired Biosite, a leading solutions provider of biometric access control to the UK construction industry. Biosite is a strategic technological addition to the ASSA ABLOY Group. Biosite offers biometric access- and workforce management solutions to the construction sector.

ASSA ABLOY, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is a global leader in door opening solutions. It fulfils end user needs for security, safety and convenience. The company has approximately 47,500 employees and operations in more than 70 countries. The company is specialised in areas like access control, identification technology, entrance automation and hotel security across the globe. ASSA ABLOY’s products & services includes as locks, doors, gates , cards, tags, mobile and biometric identity verification systems.

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