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Leading retail company Auchan Retail announced that it has selected 17 projects to provide exceptional support through its foundations to fight against COVID-19. The company provides helps in association with Auchan stores and employees across world.

  • In each of the countries where it operates, Auchan Retail has chosen, through its foundations, to provide exceptional support for local action led by an association alongside Auchan stores and employees. 17 projects were selected and have been allocated a total amount of approximately $700,000.
  • In Spain, France, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Senegal and Ukraine 30,000 children and young people will benefit from the assistance provided by the Auchan Youth Foundation.
  • In Bangladesh, 20,000 workers and 500 health workers will be supported by the Weave Our Future Foundation.
  • The Auchan Youth Foundation is helping 30,000 young people True to its mission of bringing good nutrition and health to young people over the long term, the Auchan Youth Foundation, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, is taking action at this time of crisis to support local associations.
  • In France, the Auchan Youth Foundation will support the project of the Lille Catholic University Foundation (59) in favour of students in difficulty.

In October 2019, Auchan Retail and Hanshow Technology entered into an exclusive partnership to jointly create an innovative connected labelling solution. Two years later, the technology has been applied to more than 5 million items in seven countries.

About Auchan
Auchan, headquartered in Croix, France, is a leading multinational retail corporation. Launched in 1960 in North of France, it is the 11th largest food retailing group in the World and the 35th largest employer worldwide. Auchan Retail combines all the retail formats with more than 4,000 points of sale under the Auchan banner. Retail formats include hypermarkets, supermarkets and ultra-proximity formats), extended by the e-commerce and drive in certain countries.

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