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In order to strengthen drug discovery platform, Bayer AG has acquired Vividion Therapeutics, Inc. for approximately $1.5 billion. The USA based Vividion is a biopharmaceutical company utilizing novel discovery technologies to unlock high value, traditionally undruggable targets with precision therapeutics

  • Vividion’s platform is able to produce a variety of small molecule therapies across indications, with initial focus on targets relevant to oncology and immunology.
  • Vividion’s lead programs include multiple precision oncology targets and precision immunology targets, with ongoing efforts on a transcription factor NRF2 antagonist for the potential treatment of NRF2 mutant cancers, as well as NRF2 activators for various inflammatory diseases such as irritable bowel disease – among other pre-clinical programs.

The prominent collaborations and supports by Bayer are featured below:

May 2021: An integrated life sciences company, GreenLight Biosciences has acquired rights to portions of Bayer’s topical RNA Intellectual Property portfolio. The RNA-based Varroa mite control advance allows beekeepers to directly target the Varroa mite without harming the honeybee.

Dec 2020: To meet clients demand WuXi Biologics will take over and operate the Drug Substance (DS) facility, at Wuppertal in Germany from Bayer for approximately $181 million. This deal strengthen WuXi Biologics’ European network, in addition with two facilities are expected to be ready for drug substance and drug product manufacturing by 2021.

Oct 2020: To broaden innovation base in cell and gene therapy Bayer AG has acquired Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, Inc. (AskBio) for approximately $2 billion. The deal helps to meet urgently needed cell and gene therapy treatments to patients across multiple disease areas.

Sep 2020: The leading biotech company Bayer, announced that it has completed the acquisition of UK-based biotech company KaNDy Therapeutics Ltd. for approximately $425 million. The deal will expand Bayer’s drug development pipeline in women’s healthcare.

Aug 2020: Bayer along with a US-based digital health company Informed Data Systems Inc. (One Drop), to jointly develop digital health products for multiple therapeutic areas.

May 2020: Bayer amid COVID-19 pandemic announced that it support for a new, multi-year Harvard Data Science Initiative (HDSI) research effort. The new research helps to understand how to build confidence in the reliability, capability and integrity of scientific data and sound science.

April 2020: The leading life sciences company Bayer has announced an approximately $1.2 billion donation to support Brazil’s fight against COVID-19. The fund contributed to the Brazilian government’s Solidaric Fundraising campaign to finance various projects for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19.

April 2020: WuXi Biologics a leading technology platform for drug development, had announced the completion of acquisition of a drug product manufacturing plant in Leverkusen, Germany from Bayer. WuXi Biologics as per acquisition agreement has taken over the plant operations, purchased plant equipment and signed a long-term building lease contract.

March 2020, Bayer announced a research collaboration and license agreement with Curadev Pvt. Ltd., a drug discovery company based in India, for Curadev’s Stimulator of Interferon Genes (STING) antagonist program. The collaboration aims to discover new drug candidates for the treatment of lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases and other inflammatory diseases. STING antagonists offer tremendous potential for new treatments as STING is known to play a role in activating the innate immune system in auto-inflammatory diseases.

About Bayer
Bayer, headquartered in Leverkusen, Germany, is global pharmaceutical and life sciences company. The company has core competencies in the life science fields of health care and nutrition. The company has employed approximately 104,000 people worldwide. Bayer brand stands for trust, reliability and quality across the globe.

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