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The leading cheese maker Bel Group has agreed to acquire a French startup All in Foods, that produces the Nature & Moi brand. After the completion of deal Bel will become the majority shareholder with an 80% stake, while the All in Foods’ founding family will own the remaining 20% interest.

The deal with All in Foods expands Bel Groups presence to become a major player in the healthy snack market. Bel has diversified its product offering through growth in dairy, fruit and plant-based products, and with the acquisition of Morocco-based Safilait, a dairy producer, and MOM, the maker of the Materne, GoGo squeeZ and Montblanc brands.

Plant-based food leader All in Foods is a French startup, founded in 2013. The company is based in Saint-Nazaire, in France’s Loire Atlantique region. The company has developed a wide range of plant-based alternatives to cheese, that is available in slices, blocks, bloomy rind, grated, and spreads, as well as plant-based sauces, under the Nature & Moi brand.

In June 2019, Bel Group announced a three-year partnership with WWF France to continue implementing concrete solutions that foster sustainable dairy farming and raise consumer awareness.

About Bel Group

Bel Group is a Paris based leading cheese marketer and promote of healthier, responsible and accessible food for all consumers worldwide. The company was founded in 1865, is a major player in the healthy fruit and dairy single-serving portion snacking. The company provides healthy snacks and meal solutions in more than 130 countries of the world.

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