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To strengthen position in sandwiches market, Bell Food Group announced that its company Hilcona to acquire ARYZTA Switzerland’s sandwich production business. This deal will add Hilcona’s production capacity for ultra-fresh sandwiches.

All employees and the production premises will be taken over.
• With this move, Hilcona will further expand its market position in the growth area of sandwiches that are freshly prepared every day.

The major agreements and seals by Bell Food Group are mentioned below:

July 2020: The Bell Food Group announced the sale of two production plants in Hungary and France. As per agreement the new owners will take over all the employees. Last year the company withdrew from the German sausage business .

May 2020: All companies of the Bell Food Group in Switzerland had concluded a new collective labour agreement (CLA) with the Butchery Staff Association Switzerland (MPV). The agreement applies to the Swiss locations of the companies Bell, Eisberg, Hilcona and Hügli, comprising a total of 21 production plants and some 5,200 employees. The signing of the new CLA has established the first social partnership in the convenience sector in Switzerland.

July 2019: The Bell Food Group announced the sale of Bell Germany’s sausage business to the Zur Mühlen Group. As per agreement the sale of the sausage business includes the two production facilities in Börger and Suhl and all their employees will transfer to the Zur Mühlen Group.

About the Bell Food Group
The Bell Food Group, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, is a leading meat processors and convenience specialists in Europe. The company has a range of products includes meat, poultry, charcuterie, seafood and convenience products. The major brand of the company includes Bell, Eisberg, Hilcona and Hügli serves customers in various countries. The company has more than 12,000 employees at 53 sites in around 15 countries.

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