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CAF Group has taken a new step in its growth and diversification strategy, following the
agreement reached for the acquisition of 100% of the shares of EuroMaint Group, the
Swedish market leader in the segment of rolling stock maintenance. With the incorporation of
this new company to the Group, CAF reinforces its growing activity in the rail services area
and also strengthens its solid presence in the Nordic markets, where the Company has
developed a significant number of projects.
EuroMaint is currently one of the top maintenance companies in the Swedish railway sector,
with a significant share of the Swedish market in the fleet maintenance business of
passenger trains, locomotives and yellow machines. Its main activity comprises maintenance
of large fleets as well as the supply of a wide range of railway components to the main
Swedish operators. EuroMaint carries out its operations in 18 workshops and facilities
spread throughout the country, which provides a clear leadership position and a clear
opportunity to grow in the market.
As of today, the Swedish company employs around 1,000 people and generated revenues of
approximately 150 million euros in the past year. Additionally, it will contribute to CAF Group with an important order book, which might be increased thanks to its strong positioning in the area.
This transaction will strengthen CAF Group’s positioning at a European level in the
maintenance and supply of components, which is an activity with longer average execution
times that provides greater sales stability in the medium and long term. Likewise,
EuroMaint’s strong client portfolio will contribute to generate new opportunities for the
development of other types of projects in the Nordic region. Moreover, the incorporation of
EuroMaint will enhance the possibility of obtaining synergies both in the area of purchases
and in the manufacture and supply of railway equipment and components of the Group.
This is a new step for CAF Group, following the acquisition of Solaris in 2018, aligned with
the development of the Company’s Strategic Plan for 2020. Among other objectives, this
plan is committed to continue growing in the rolling stock and services business and the
diversification of its activity, strengthening accordingly its position as one of the reference
providers of transportation and mobility solutions and services.

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