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California based CloudQuest, Inc. a leading cloud security posture management (CSPM) provider announced that it has been acquired by Deloitte. The deal strengthens Deloitte’s Cyber Cloud global offerings.

  • The deal will bolster Deloitte’s existing cloud cybersecurity offerings with CloudQuest’s cloud-native security capabilities to more seamlessly manage security workflows, reduce risk and improve data security.
  • Deloitte’s Cyber Cloud offering will continue to expand its portfolio of cloud security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) services and solutions.

    The prominent deals and expansions by Deloitte are featured below:

    March 2021: In order to enhance AI capabilities, Deloitte Canada acquired a leading AI and data integration firm, Groundswell Group Inc. The acquisition of Calgary based Groundswell will help Deloitte to serve clients from Western Canada across major growth areas of artificial intelligence and cloud transformation.

    June 2020: The global professional services provider Deloitte announced that its Ireland affiliate Deloitte Ireland LLP had acquired cloud consultancy and managed services provider DNM. DNM is a strong and well-established IT consultancy, and one of the foremost cloud technology service providers.

    December 2019: Deloitte and AT&T signed an agreement to bring 5G network connectivity and edge computing services to Deloitte University to help it transform the future of digital corporate learning and workplace collaboration.

    December 2019: Deloitte and Google Cloud announced that together they will leverage the strength of their portfolios in cyber and cloud solutions to provide customers with end-to-end secure cloud transformation services and solutions in support of their digital transformation journeys and to better combat cyber threats.

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