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The coronavirus pandemic has confronted major parts of the world economy with a sudden stop of all business and supply chain activity. In response to coronavirus epidemic the Italian government has announced economy several measures.

  • The Government announced stimulus package of approximately $1 billion for tourism and the logistics and transportation industry, which have been severely affected by the virus.

Eni’s employees donate over $700,000 to the Italian Red Cross

  • Eni’s people have raised over 600,000 euros in three weeks to support the Italian Red Cross in its aid to the population during the present emergency.
  • Eni’s employees have chosen to donate the value of one or more hours of their work through an initiative proposed by employees and implemented by the company, which will collect the hours donated and give them to the Italian Red Cross to help it handle the emergency.
  • The Italian Red Cross is working on the front line all over the country with volunteers providing a wide range of services. They focus a great deal of their energy on helping the most vulnerable, who are in greatest need of all.
  • The Italian Red Cross is on the front line since the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency, all over the national territory, with thousands of volunteers and personnel who are working strenuously to support the population.
  • The Red Cross is working to guarantee emergency interventions, logistic and medical support, while dealing, in all safety, with the transport of suspicious cases using high bio-containment vehicles.
  • On top of its emergency response, it is also seeking to transform this difficult moment in “The time for kindness:” it is increasing, all over the country, its services to the most vulnerable and those with greater social and medical weaknesses, by delivering groceries at home, offering transportation, delivering medications and basic essentials.

Eni’s initiatives to support Covid-19 emergency

  • Eni sent ventilators for sub-intensive care to Giovanni XXIII Hospital and a local health facility in Bergamo; in Basilicata, Eni continues to supply ventilators, intensive and resuscitation care beds, and mobile units equipped with spirometers, oximeters and ultrasounds, and CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) machines;
  • Eni has helped local health units in Ravenna and Ancona, emergency services in Ravenna, and the Italian Red Cross in Pesaro, Ancona and Ortona. Eni is supplying medical equipment including respirators, lung ventilators and defibrillator monitors. All supplies are ongoing;
  • In Sicily, Eni has created an engineering plan to set up intensive care wards at the hospital “Vittorio Emanuele” in Gela, which would also help the Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale’s overall planned activity which involves the entire community of the Province. It is also supplying sterilisers to the hospital in Gela. For local health authorities in Messina and Milazzo, the Milazzo Refinery (Eni 50%) is supporting a project to create intensive care wards at Milazzo hospital.
  • In Puglia, Eni has helped local health facilities in Taranto and Brindisi by providing intensive care equipment at specific hospitals chosen by the regional government. The company will soon be sending lung ventilators, ventilators and respirators, and patient monitors. Other equipment is also on its way to regular and intensive care wards in Brindis.

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