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Equinix Inc. to expand in India, has announced the completion of the acquisition of two Data Centers for $161 million. Equinix has acquired GPX Global Systems, Inc. with a fiber-connected campus in Mumbai, India.

  • From the acquisition, the two new International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers in Mumbai, dubbed into Equinix MB1 and MB2.
  • Equinix’s expansion into India will unlock opportunities for Indian businesses expanding internationally and for multinational corporations pursuing growth and innovation in the Indian market.

The major expansions and acquisitions by Equinix are featured below:

June 2021: The leading digital infrastructure company Equinix signed an additional joint venture agreement in the form of limited liability partnerships with Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC. The partnership will bring the xScaleTM data center portfolio to greater than $6.9 billion across 32 facilities globally.

June 2021: To strengthen digital infrastructure, Equinix expands Silicon Valley Campus with new International Business Exchange( IBX) Data Center. The newest $142 million IBX data center at its Great Oaks campus in San Jose named SV11.

March 2021: To serve the growing demands of hyperscale companies, Equinix, Inc. provided details on its $3 billion xScale data center program across the globe. The xScale data centers of the company serves the unique core workload deployment needs of a targeted group of hyperscale companies, including the world’s largest cloud service providers.

March 2021: To boost digital infrastructure in France, Equinix Inc. announced to open its first data center in Bordeaux. Equinix’s International Business Exchange (IBX) sites in Paris, the new new facility—named BX1, located in New Aquitaine, and the southwest of France.

Nov 2020: The global digital infrastructure company Equinix, expanding Platform Equinix with a third International Business ExchangeTM (IBX) data center in Perth, Australia. The new facility will provide access to more than 1,045 companies, including 215 networks and 395 cloud providers, who utilize Platform Equinix in Australia.

July 2020: Equinix, Inc announced the development of a new data center in Milan, Italy. The new ML5, IBX data center set to open in beginning of 2021.

June 2020: Equinix, Inc announced the expansion of its Dallas Infomart Data Center campus with the opening of a new $142 million data center. The company announced new International Business Exchange (IBX) data center and the launch of its 5G and Edge Proof of Concept Center (POCC).

June 2020: Equinix, Inc. had entered into a definitive agreement to purchase a portfolio of 13 data centers across Canada from BCE Inc. for US$750 million. The transaction will expand Equinix’s coverage in Canada.

April 2020: Equinix, had announced the expansions of Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric) in seven new EMEA markets includes Barcelona, Brussels, Geneva, Istanbul, Lisbon and Sofia, and Hamburg to help global businesses simplify hybrid and multicloud infrastructures.

April 2020: Equinix, had formed a $1 billion joint venture with Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC to develop and operate a hyperscale data centers in japan. As per agreement they will develop a xScaleTM data centers to offer a direct interconnection to global companies.

February 2020: Equinix, Inc., announced the opening of its fourth International Business ExchangeTM (IBX) data center in Melbourne, Australia. The new facility of Equinix known as ME2, supports the growing demand for digital transformation globally, as well as Melbourne’s smart city development and the interconnection needs of local customers.

January 2020: Equinix, had signed a definitive agreement to acquire Packet, a leading bare metal automation platform. The deal will accelerate Equinix’s policy to help enterprises more seamlessly deploy hybrid multicloud architectures on Platform Equinix. The company intends to leverage the Packet offering to enhance the development and delivery of its interconnected edge services.

About Equinix
Equinix, Inc. is the world’s leading global data center Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), headquartered in Redwood City, California, the USA. Equinix connects global companies to their customers, employees, and partners inside the most-interconnected data centers. The company offers a global platform for digital business in more than 50 markets on five continents of the world to reach everywhere and interconnect with everyone to create their digital futures.
The Equinix has more than 200 International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers in around 24 countries. The company interconnects the digital world and open new business opportunities for business entities.

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