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The leading business solutions provider for the beverage alcohol industry Financial Information Technologies, (Fintech) announced that it has acquired Washington based Armadillo Insight, a leading company that turns complex craft beer data into sales and marketing intelligence that drives product placement across chain retailers.

The transaction further strengthens Fintech’s mission to deliver specialized technology that maximizes efficiency and improves communication across the three tiers of the alcohol industry. Armadillo Insight has served suppliers with task-specific, industry-relevant data. By combining depletion and competitive scan data, craft beer suppliers are able to improve productivity and increase their understanding of complex brand and package intelligence.

In April 2020, Financial Information Technologies, announced that it has acquired Lilypad Solutions, LLC, the alcohol industry’s ultimate sales platform. The strategic acquisition enhances Fintech’s unique technology offerings, expands its expertise and broadens its client base nationwide.

In February 2020, Fintech, had partnered with Plate IQ, a transformative invoice automation tool for the hospitality industry. This collaboration will offer a comprehensive solution that empowers users with clean and accurate purchase data for all cost-of-goods.

About Fintech
Florida based Financial Information Technologies, (Fintech ) is a leading solutions provider for beverage alcohol management. The company provides regulatory information and offers a OneSource solution with a suite of profit-building products and services for alcohol distributors and retailers. The company delivers strategic solutions from purchase order management, reconciliation, and data reporting, to pricing and promotion communication, payment compliance adherence, and regulatory resource connectivity.

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