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Arizona based Gowan Crop Protection Ltd, has entered into agreements to acquire two active ingredients Fenamidone and Pencycuron from Bayer AG.

Details provided below:

  • •Gowan Crop Protection Ltd is a an affiliate of Gowan Company LLC
  • The acquisition by Gowan includes product registrations and trademarks of Consento, Reason, Monceren, and Prestige.
  • •Active ingredients Pencycuron is a foliar and seed treatment product for various crops including cotton, rice, potatoes, turf and vegetables. It has broad presence in Japan, Brazil, India and Russia, among other countries.
  • Fenamidone helps to control diseases originating from water molds or fungi, like downy mildew, late blight and early blight on grapes, vegetables, potatoes and ornamentals. With sales in the USA, Mexico, India, Russia, and Brazil, Fenamidone is a critical tool for many growers around the world.
  • Arizona based Gowan Company, is a developer, registrant and marketer of crop protection products, seeds, and fertilizers.

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