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Global retail giant Hermès opens a new store in Harbour City shopping centre in Hong kong. The 610 m2 store invites a sense of curiosity and discovery, allowing local customers and visitors to take their time to explore the collections in a harmonious and warm tailor-made setting.

  • A vibrant shopping and cultural destination, Harbour City overlooks Victoria Harbour with a captivating vista of the iconic Hong Kong skyline.
  • The distinctive floor plan and interior design create an exciting and imaginative retail experience in which to encounter all sixteen métiers and the spirit of savoir-faire and innovation at the heart of the house.

In April 2020, Hermès announced the reopening of its Taikoo Hui Guangzhou store at a new location within the mall. The new store has a larger floorspace of around 511 m2. The Hermès store located in Taikoo Hui Guangzhou first opened in 2011 and has now moved to a new location by the mall’s atrium. The new store has added an extensive exterior façade which features a wall with a modern yet minimalist aesthetic, cleverly combining the local tradition of brick making and enamel craftsmanship.

In February 2020, Hermès had announced the opening of its new store in Kuwait at The Avenues, the second largest shopping centre in the Middle East. The new store at The Avenues spans a 513 m2 interior, double the size of the earlier one.

In October 2019, Hermès opened its first store in Poland, in the dynamic cultural city of Warsaw. Settling on the edge of the historic city centre, Hermès will be taking up residence on the ground floor of the emblematic Europejski Hotel. The new address will allow Polish customers and international visitors to discover the abundant variety of Hermès métiers and savoir-faire.

About Hermès International
Hermès International is a French luxury goods manufacturer. Hermès specialization includes leather goods, lifestyle accessories, perfumes and ready-to-wear products. Hermes product includes- Leather Goods, Saddlery, Silk & Textiles, Perfumes and Watches. The group has developed a network of more than 310 stores in 50 countries.

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