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In order to expand confectionery portfolio, The Hershey Company signed an agreement to acquire Lily’s, the high-growth, better-for-you (BFY) brand.

  • Colorado based Lily’s offer consumers a range of great tasting, low sugar treats.
  • Lily’s low-sugar products include dark and milk chocolate style bars, baking chips, peanut butter cups and other confection products that fit Hershey’s multi-pronged better-for-you snacking strategy.
  • Lily’s will add a key better-for-you confection brand to Hershey’s portfolio of iconic chocolate and candy favorites.
  • BFY snacking continues to grow faster than mainstream segments across snacking categories such as potato chips, ice cream and cookies.

In April 2021, The Hershey Company announced two new clean energy partnerships to develop solar projects in the U.S. as it moves its operations toward the use of clean and renewable energy.

In Dec 2020, The Hershey Company announced it would invest $1.5 million in the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) to establish a scholarship endowment, with the goal to increase that to $3 million over the next ten years.

In Sep 2019, The Hershey Company announced the completion of its acquisition of ONE Brands, LLC, the maker of a line of low-sugar, high-protein nutrition bars for a purchase price of $397 million, or approximately $325 million net of tax benefits.

• Hershey intends to expand the existing ONE Brands offerings by leveraging its core capabilities in sales and distribution, category management and digital commerce.

About The Hershey Company
The global chocolate leader, The Hershey Company is headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the USA. Hershey is a leading snacks company and one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world. The company has more than 90 brands across the globe. The company offers baked products, such as cookies and cakes, and sells beverages like milkshakes. Hershey is owner of iconic brands such as Hershey’s, Reese’s, Kit Kat, Jolly Rancher, Ice Breakers, SkinnyPop, and Pirate’s Booty. The company has approximately 17,000 employees around the world.

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