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Leading car parts company Hyundai Mobis collaborate with leading lidar company Velodyne Lidar’, for mass-producing level 3 autonomous driving lidar system. Hyundai Mobis invest $50 million in Velodyne.

Details are provided below:

  • •The Hyundai Mobis collaborate for latest lidar sensors and will develop and integrate its own cognitive software.
  • Both company will commercialize their first lidar system for level 3 autonomous driving in 2021
  • “Hyundai Mobis is delighted to cooperate with Velodyne Lidar, one of the industry’s most reliable and mass-production ready Lidar sensor providers to finalize lidar system which is essential in high level autonomous driving,” said Ko Youngsuk, Head of the Hyundai Mobis Strategic Planning division. “Hyundai Mobis will continue to expand strategic collaboration with various innovators to accelerate open innovation for key technologies.”

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