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South Korean corporation Hyundai Motor Group forms an Autonomous Driving Joint Venture with Aptiv a leading innovative vehicle technology providers.

Details are provided below:

  • •Autonomous driving platform will be available for robotaxi providers, fleet operators, and automotive manufacturers by 2022
  • The JV will work in design, development and commercialization of SAE Level 4 and 5 autonomous technologies
  • Hyundai Motor Group is a global involves in automobiles, steel, and construction and includes logistics, finance, IT and service.
  • “The new joint venture marks the start of a journey with Aptiv toward our common goal of commercializing autonomous driving,” said Euisun Chung, Executive Vice Chairman, Hyundai Motor Group. “The combined capabilities of Aptiv, a leading global technology company, and our Group, a global OEM, will create invaluable synergy to lead the autonomous driving landscape.”

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