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To accelerate zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell powered commercial vehicles, Hyzon Motors Inc. signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a joint venture with Raven SR LLC. The JV will be building waste to hydrogen hubs. As per deal Hyzon has agreed to acquire a minority interest in renewable fuels company Raven.

  • As per MOU, the companies expect to build up to 100 hydrogen production hubs across the United States and globally.
  • Hydrogen hubs are expected to be built at landfills utilizing waste feedstocks, and will provide renewable green hydrogen at costs that are comparable to gray hydrogen

    The major expansions and deals by Hyzon Motors are mentioned below:

    March 2021: Hyzon Motors Inc. announced plans to build the largest fuel cell membrane electrode assembly (MEA) production line for commercial vehicles in the United States at its new Hyzon Innovation Center located in Bolingbrook, Illinois, just outside of Chicago.

    Feb 2021: Hyzon Motors Inc. (“Hyzon”) and New Zealand’s Hiringa Energy (“Hiringa”) announced that two companies had signed a vehicle supply agreement, with Hyzon commissioned to build and supply Hiringa with zero emission Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV). Hyzon to deliver 1,500 hydrogen fuel-cell powered, zero emission heavy trucks by 2026 as Hiringa expands nationwide hydrogen refueling infrastructure.

    Feb 2021: Hyzon Motors (Hyzon), had entered into a strategic alliance with Viva Energy. Hyzon, established as a new business of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, leverages Horizon’s almost two decades of experience in hydrogen fuel cell development including the supply of around 500 hydrogen fuel cell systems powering zero-emission trucks and buses to customers globally.

    Oct 2020: Hyzon Motors and Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures, the venture capital arm of European energy giant Total SE announced a strategic investment led by Total and other specialist hydrogen investors. As part of Total’s ambition to get to net-zero emissions by 2050 together with society, Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures is focused on finding, funding and fostering technology and solutions that contribute to creating a low carbon future.

About Hyzon Motors
Hyzon Motors, headquartered in Rochester, New York, the USA, is a leading hydrogen mobility and clean energy company. The company is a global supplier of zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell powered commercial vehicles, including heavy duty trucks, buses and coaches. The company has operation in Europe, Singapore, Australia and China.

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