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The leading fragrances company the Iberchem Group announced that it will expand its presence in the South African market by combining the teams of Iberchem, Scentium and Versachem under the name of Iberchem South Africa.

  • The Iberchem Group had acquired 70% of Versachem, a company specialising in food colourants and seasonings earlier.
  • The Group recently bought the remaining 30%, thereby fully integrating Versachem’s activity into the Group’s portfolio.
  • The deal helps to reach close to the clients, and faster delivery times.In February 2020, The Iberchem Group announced that it has completed the acquisition of Flavor Inn Corporation and Duomei, two flavour companies located in Malaysia and China respectively. These transactions come as the latest effort in the Group’s merger and acquisition strategy initiated last year with the purchase of South Africa’s Versachem.

About Iberchem

Spain based Iberchem is a leading fragrances and flavours manufacturing company. The company was founded in 1985 in Murcia, Spain. The company has about 20 facilities, including eight production plants, strategically located across the world, and it has a commercial presence in over 120 countries

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