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LG Energy Solution a subsidiary of LG Chem, has announced a partnership with Kasselman Solar. New York based Kasselman Solar is a leading top solar installer. The partnership helps to inform local homeowners about how they can achieve better energy independence.

  • LG Energy Solution and Kasselman come together as a dynamic duo set to change the way locals experience solar, while also preparing them for potential grid outages and natural disasters.
  • LG Energy Solution aims to exceed every homeowner’s expectation which is why it only partners with a small number of hand-selected LG Certified Installers.
  • Kasselman’s core values perfectly align with LG Energy Solution, as they both see homeowners as energy partners rather than customers.

The prominent deals and expansions by LG Chem are mentioned below:

May 2021: To strengthen battery portfolio, LG Chem announced to invest approximately USD 35 million in equities for China’s Jiujiang DeFu Technology company. DeFu manufactures copper laminate that is a core part of secondary batteries.

Nov 2020: The leading chemical company LG Chem had signed a strategic partnership with one of the world’s largest diesel company Neste to expand its bio-based, eco-friendly businesses and markets. LG Chem will start producing eco-friendly synthetic resins from bio-materials.

Oct 2020: LG Chem announced that it successfully developed a new biodegradable material that could realize mechanical properties equivalent to synthetic resins for the first time in the world. The new material that significantly improved flexibility (elongation) and transparency compared to existing biodegradable materials through proprietary technologies and production processes. The new material developed by LG Chem is the only material is a single biodegradable material with 100% bio contents using corn-based glucose and crude glycerol.

July 2020: LG Chem announced that it held an MOU ceremony for the establishment of the ‘LG Chem-SNU DX Industry-Academic Cooperation Center’ by partnering up with the SNU College of Digital Engineering to strengthen its capacities in DX. LG Chem and SNU plans to construct an industry-academic cooperation infrastructure for DX and search for various DX projects, while also collaborating to reinforce its digital competitiveness by fostering outstanding human resources who will lead digital innovation, etc.

Dec 2019: LG Chem announced a joint venture for electric vehicle (EV) batteries with General Motors (General Motors), America’s top automaker to pioneer the US EV market. This would be 50:50 joint venture with each company investing one trillion KRW each, and a total of 2.7 trillion KRW will be invested by 2024 to procure production capacities upwards of 30GWh.

About LG Chem
LG Chemical, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, is one of the prominent chemical company. The company has a vertically integrated system from the basic raw materials such as ethylene and propylene to the downstream products such as PE, ABS and synthetic rubber. L G Chem’s portfolio includes Petrochemicals, Energy Solutions, Advanced Materials, and Life Sciences products.

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