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The leading oil & gas company LUKOIL has announced a trilateral memorandum with Sulzer Ltd. and Kogalym Oilfield Equipment Service LLC (KNPO) in Russia. KNPO provides services such as maintain, repair and upgrade LUKOIL’s rotating equipment including compressors, pumps, etc. in the West Siberian region.

  • The memorandum envisages the localization of spare parts production for energy-efficient pumping equipment in Kogalym.
  • The parties agreed on a preliminary road map for the period up to 2022 and started preparing the main agreement.

In March 2020, LUKOIL announced strategic partnership with Uzbekistan for Oil and Gas production. LUKOIL is a key investor to the oil & gas sector of Uzbekistan. Its main projects include the Kandym gas processing complex with an annual capacity of over 8 bcm of natural gas, South-West Gissar and Ustyurt Region fields development. The Company also actively supports social programs in Uzbekistan.

LUKOIL, headquartered in Moscow, Russia, is one of the largest oil & gas vertical integrated companies in the world. The company delivers a wide range of high-quality oil products, gas processing products and petrochemicals; and manages wholesale and retail sales in 18 countries. The company has consumers in over 100 countries around the globe through the supply of our products, power, and heat. LUKOIL has more than 100,000 employees across the world.

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