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Lycamobile, London based mobile network operator announced the sale of Lycamobile Spain to Masmovil, Spanish mobile network operator for approximately $472 million. Masmovil plans to retain the Lycamobile brand in Spain for the long term.

In 2010, Lycamobile Spain was launched with the aim of delivering low-cost mobile services and  Masmovil’s deal with the Company is an affirmation of the accomplishment of Lycamobile in the market.

In January 2020, Lycamobile, expanded its global footprint to Uganda. The company announced the beginning of operations in Uganda, one of the biggest destinations for telecoms business in Africa. The company has established countrywide telecom infrastructure, meaning Ugandans all across the country will have the chance to connect with friends and family through Lycamobile’s high-quality, low-cost voice and data services. With the launch of Uganda services, Lycamobile’s global network reached 24 counties globally.

About Lycamobile

Lycamobile headquartered in London, United Kingdom, is one of the world’s largest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and a part of the Lyca Group. The company was founded in 2006, to provide low-cost high-quality international calls. At present the company has approximately 15 million customers across 24 countries globally. The company has greater coverage of the European population than any other network operator.

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