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To meet the growing customer demand, Messer plans to build a large-scale air separation unit (ASU) in Central Texas, the USA. The new ASU will manufacture liquid atmospheric products.

  • The new air separation plant will produce medical and industrial gases which are essential to hospitals, food processors, metals manufacturing, oil and gas producers, aerospace industries, electronics fabricators and independent welding and gases distributors.
  • The new plant will expand service capabilities to support the medium- and long-term growth of key accounts and industries around Central Texas.

In Sep 2020, the leading industrial gas company Messer, announced the construction of a new production plant for gases at its Spanish location in Vila-seca. The company will employ more than 20 people at the new plant.

In April 2020, the world’s leading chemical gas company Messer has started operation of its new Keyes, California carbon dioxide (CO2) plant. The new facility will serve existing and new customers in northern California and surrounding geographies via rail network.

• The Keyes facility of the company provides up to 450 tons-per-day of CO2, an essential product for carbonated beverages, food freezing and chilling, and electronics manufacturing companies in the area. Messer collaborated with Aemetis, Inc., which recently started supplying raw CO2 feedgas to Messer for processing from its ethanol plant.

In September 2020, Messer announced an upcoming $38 million investment to build a new, large-scale air separation unit (ASU) in Indianapolis, Indiana. This state-of-the-art plant will produce life-saving gases for hospitals and essential raw materials for manufacturers across Indiana and the Midwestern US.

About Messer Group
Messer Group is a leading industrial gas company with expertise of more than 120 years. Messer manufacture and supply oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, inert welding gases, special gases, gases for medicinal use and a wide variety of gas mixtures.

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