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The global tire manufacturer Michelin is launching the construction on its first tire recycling plant in the world, in collaboration with Swedish company Enviro. Based in Chile’s Antofagasta region, the plant will be able to recycle 30,000 tons of earthmover tires a year.

  • Enviro, has developed a patented technology to recover carbon black, oil, steel and gas from end-of-life tires.
  • Work will begin in 2021, with production scheduled to get underway in 2023. More than $30 million will be invested in building Michelin’s first new-generation end-of-life tire processing plant.
  • Scrap tires will be collected directly from customer premises, then transported to the plant to be cut up and recycled.

    In Feb 2021, Michelin signed a letter of commitment for maritime transport with Neoline, a French shipowner relying on main propulsion by sail. Firmly committed to reducing CO2 emissions from its logistics operations, the Michelin Group recently signed a transport commitment with NEOLINE.

    •NEOLINE’s decarbonized shipping service relies on clean and renewable wind energy as the main propulsion for its 136m long cargo ships with 4200 m2 of sails.

    In Nov 2020, The Canadian firm Pyrowave announced a joint development agreement with the Michelin Group. Through the Pyrowave?developed technology, it is possible to generate recycled styrene from plastics found in packaging, insulation panels and/or household appliances. This recycled styrene is an important monomer*: it is used in the production of polystyrene and synthetic rubber for tires and a large number of consumer products.

    In Oct 2020, Michelin acquired all outstanding shares in Le Fooding three years after the two companies first began collaborating. The deal is the culmination of an agreement signed with the co-founders of Le Fooding® in 2017 – after Michelin acquired a 40% stake in its share capital – providing for Michelin’s future acquisition of the remaining interest.

About Michelin
Michelin, headquartered in Greenville, SouthCarolina, the USA, is global leader in tire manufacturing. The company designs, manufactures and sells tires for every type of vehicle, including airplanes, automobiles, bicycles, earthmovers, farm equipment, heavy-duty trucks and motorcycles. The company has seven R&D centers in different parts of the world. Michelin has about 69 tire manufacturing facilities and sales agencies in more than 171 countries. In addition to tires, the Company also publishes travel guides, hotel and restaurant guides, maps and road atlases.

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