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Microsoft, to expand video-editing profile announced the acquisition of Clipchamp. A leading start-up Clipchamp, is Australia based software provider that consumers and corporate workers can use to edit videos.

  • Clipchamp offers a Windows app, part of the service’s power is its ability to draw on online computing resources.
  • Clipchamp’s technical approach is to combine the simplicity of a web app with the ability to process video using the full computing power of a PC with graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration.

The major partnerships and investments by Microsoft are mentioned below:

Aug 2021: Microsoft had announced an investment of $5 million in Indian hotel chain company Oyo. The SoftBank-backed Oravel Stays Pvt Ltd (Oyo) had issued an equity shares and convertible cumulative preference shares to Microsoft equivalent to deal amount.

May 2021: Baltimore based ReFirm Labs announced that it is joining Microsoft. The deal will enrich ReFirm Labs firmware analysis and security capabilities across devices that form the intelligent edge, from servers to IoT. Microsoft will enhance chip-to-cloud protection with ReFirm Labs

April 2021: For inclusive economic growth, Microsoft Corp announced to establish its first datacenter region in Malaysia as part of “Bersama Malaysia” initiative. As per estimates, Microsoft, along with its partners, will contribute more than 19,000 new direct and indirect jobs.

April 2021: To strengthen AI experience, Microsoft Corp announced to acquire Nuance for approximately $19.7 billion. Nuance is a pioneer and a leading provider of conversational AI and cloud-based ambient clinical intelligence for healthcare providers.

March 2021: In order to boost industrial innovation, Microsoft has acquired The Marsden Group. Houston based the Marsden Group is a leader in industrial technology innovation and rapid prototyping.

Feb 2021: For the discovery and development of new drugs UCB announced a new multi-year, strategic collaboration with Microsoft. The partnership helps to combine Microsoft’s computational services, cloud, and artificial intelligence (AI) with UCB’s drug discovery and development capabilities.

Feb 2021: To build a cloud-based Automated Driving Platform (ADP), Volkswagen Group collaborates with Microsoft. The Car.Software Organisation will simplify its development processes on Microsoft Azure to bring automated driving solutions to the Group’s cars even faster.

Jan 2021: To drive digital innovation Microsoft plans to build a new India Development Center (IDC) facility at Delhi NCR. The new IDC will serve as a premier hub for driving cutting-edge engineering and innovation. The center will provide opportunities for engineering talent in the areas of Business & Productivity tools, AI, Cloud & Enterprise, Core Services, and the new Gaming division.

Jan 2021: The self-driving technology provider Cruise along with General Motors announced that they have entered a long-term strategic relationship with Microsoft to accelerate the commercialization of self-driving vehicles. The companies will create a safer, cleaner, and more accessible world for everyone and transform transportation.

Dec 2020: The global smart and sustainable building technology provider Johnson Controls, announced a global collaboration with Microsoft Corp. The agreement helps digitally transform how buildings and spaces are conceived, built and managed.

Oct 2020: The technology giant Microsoft Corp, as a part of “Reimagine Taiwan” initiative, plans to establish its first cloud datacenter region in Taiwan. The company will invest in local talent and development to provide digital skilling for over 200,000 people in Taiwan by 2024.

Sep 2020: The leading energy company Shell International Petroleum Company Limited and Microsoft Corporation, announced a new strategic alliance to support progress towards a world with net-zero emissions.

Sep 2020: ZeniMax Media, is one of the largest, privately held game developers and publishers, announce a deal with Microsoft corporation. As per agreement Microsoft to acquire ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks for approximately $7.5 billion.

Sep 2020: The global technology giant Cisco announced that its subsidiary Cisco Meraki collaborated with Microsoft to help simplify and support organizations moving workloads to the cloud. The collaboration will allow Cisco customers to establish optimal branch-to-Azure connectivity, regardless of geographical location.

July 2020: Microsoft Corp signed a five-year partnership agreement with PepsiCo Inc. As per deal Microsoft is a cloud provider to accelerate PepsiCo’s infrastructure, ERP, and data estate consolidation and modernization across the globe.

June 2020: Microsoft announced the acquisition of ADRM Software, a leading provider of large-scale industry data models, which are used by large companies worldwide as information blueprints.

June 2020: Microsoft announced that its venture fund company M12, expands with the opening of an office in Bengaluru, India. The new office is a step forward in M12’s long-term commitment to the Indian startup ecosystem.

May 2020: Microsoft announced the acquisition of world-leading robotic process automation (RPA) provider Softomotive. U.K. based Softomotive has over 15 years of experience and the creator of WinAutomation.

May 2020: Sony Corporation company Sony Semiconductor Solutions announced its partnership with Microsoft Corp to create solutions that make AI-powered smart cameras and video analytics easier to access and deploy for their mutual customers.

March 2020: Microsoft Corp. announced collaboration with Accenture to help entrepreneurs and start-ups that are focused on social impact and sustainability. The joint initiative will provide hands-on support and technologies to social enterprises, helping them to build scalable solutions that can lead to more tangible and lasting benefits for a greater number of people across the globe.

February 2020: Microsoft will invest $1.1 billion in Mexico over the next five years. The company will to develop training programs and increase the availability of cloud computing services in the country. The company will establish training labs to boost skills in the country.

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