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An unprecedented global health crisis is affecting the economic growth of countries. Russia has responded to the outbreak at the right time. Compared to other Western countries, Russia’s response to the coronavirus pandemic was quick and at large-scale to minimise the spreading of virus.

Amid global pandemic Miratorg starts export of high quality beef to China, details are featured below:

  • ABH Miratorg, the biggest pork and beef producer in Russia, informs about being the first among Russian producers to start exporting high quality beef to China. Within the first shipment the company sent 200 tons of products.
  • Miratorg is the biggest beef producer in Russia. 98 cattle farms are built in 6 regions of the Russian Federation while the total population of the specialized beef breed Aberdeen Angus so far exceeds 700 thousand heads what allows meeting growing demand in raw materials both in Russian and world markets.
  • In 2019 the volume of beef production exceeded 149 tons of finished products. The company plans to increase it by 20% in 2020 and expand the geography of export supplies. Miratorg supplies meat to about 30 countries including Gulf Countries, South-East Asia, Africa, Latin America, Customs Union and CIS.
  • Miratorg obtained the license for beef export to China in January 2020.
  • Earlier the company started supplying beef to Hong Kong. In first decade of April Miratorg will ship first containers to the continent. Negotiations on state-by-state level have been conducted for about seven years.
  • Within the first batch the agribusiness holding exported to China 200 tons of high quality beef for wholesale marketing channels and food service. The company is working on creation of a product line for retail.

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