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The leading Cannabidiol company NewLeaf Brands has signed a share swap agreement with Levee Street Holdings, to acquire 50% of Levee Street. The deal helps NewLeaf Brands to expands its presence in international CBD markets.

Levee Street established by Greg Kassanoff. The share swap agreement with NewLeaf Brands includes the distribution of We Are Kured, LLC, ReLyfe Brands, LLC, TeaLief Brands, LLC and Drink Fresh Water, LLC products.

In April 2020, NewLeaf Brands has signed a letter of intent to acquire Colorado based Mydecine Group. It is a vertically integrated company engaged to utilize the vast medicinal, health and wellness capabilities of the many compounds found in various strains of mushroom and fungi as a whole.

February 2020, NewLeaf Brands Inc has announced that has entered into three distribution agreements with each of HemPup LLC, Vida Concepts, LLC and NXTGEN, LLC.

About NewLeaf Brands
NewLeaf Brands, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada is a leading Cannabidiol (CBD) lifestyle Company. The company involves in development, marketing, and distribution of CBD products through its wholly-owned subsidiaries We are Kured, LLC, Drink Fresh Water, LLC, ReLyfe Brand, LLC and TeaLief Brand, LLC. The company produces CBD products like vaporizer pens/cartridges, hot/cold tea, softgel capsules and beverages. The company has presence in North America, South America, and European markets.

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