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NSD Seafood, Inc., DBA Atlantic Fish & Seafood has announced the majority asset purchase of National Fish & Seafood, Inc., which ceased operations on May 10, 2019. Atlantic Fish & Seafood has acquired the second oldest frozen seafood label Matlaw’s, producers of America’s Favorite Stuffed Clams, and the Schooner brand. Nick Osgood, President and CEO of NSD Seafood had this to say, “National Fish has a strong customer base and they enjoy working with our staff, which is very skilled and knowledgeable.” The acquisition will allow Atlantic Fish & Seafood to begin production as early as May 28, 2019. This will allow Atlantic Fish & Seafood to meet customer orders and ship products to grocery stores by the end of May.

About Matlaw’s

The industry standard for stuffed seafood appetizers, Matlaw’s is the second oldest seafood brand in the United States. Matlaw’s 9 pack stuffed clams have been a staple in the frozen seafood case for decades.

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