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The leading food companies Jaramillo Café of Colombia, BRF of Brazil and Singapore based Olam International announced their supports for those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Details are featured below:

Colombia’s Jaramillo Café supports COVID -19 fighters in UK
The pandemic will present significant challenges to the development of food sector in Colombia, weakening our outlook for the sector both in 2020 and over the coming years. The Colombian company Jaramillo Café has supported the COVID -19 fighters in UK, details are featured below:

  • •The Colombian company Jaramillo Café—direct distributors in the United Kingdom—donated approximately 5,500 cups of coffee (about 55 kg) to bolster the work of British hospital employees and police officers in the midst of the COVID-19 situation.
  • Another 7,000 cups are expected to be donated to other essential British workers’ institutions through crowdfunding.
  • The frenetic pace of the fight against the pandemic in hospitals, police stations, and fire stations, among other institutions, has resulted in long days for first responders caring for citizens.
  • Jaramillo Café has grown coffee since 1877, thanks to the five generations who have led the company based in the Colombian Coffee Triangle.
  • According to the UNESCO World Heritage List, the coffee region is the heart of Colombia, made up of 6 agricultural landscapes, 18 urban centers, and 47 municipalities in the departments of Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindío.
  • As part of its response to the COVID-19 emergency, the Colombian government received a disbursement of $250 million from a development policy loan, better known as CAT DDO, from the World Bank.

BRF announces donations to toledo

  • BRF, one of the largest food companies in the world, has donated personal protective equipment for hospital applications to Toledo, to help fight the Coronavirus in the city.
  • The company supplied 200 kits of disposable clothing, including gowns and pants, 100 gowns and 300 caps to the local government, which sent the materials to the medical teams of the city’s Mini Hospital.
  • BRF, one of the largest food companies in the world, announces donation for food, medical supplies and support to research and social development funds, to contribute to the efforts made to fight the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The donations are earmarked for hospitals, Santa Casa clinics, social assistance organizations and health professionals in the states and cities where it has operations.
  • In Brazil, the initiative initially covers about 60 hospitals in 50 cities, in 9 states.
  • For the hospitals alone, including field hospitals, donations are expected to benefit more than 15,000 people/day, with nearly 2.5 million meals served for the next three months.
  • As a global company, BRF will extend this initiative to countries where it owns production plants, such as Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.
  • For suppliers, the company has shared its health and safety contingency plans, as well as communication and guidance initiatives related to preventive measures against COVID-19. Besides, it has worked in collaboration with suppliers to make sure they follow all safety measures to prevent COVID-19 infection.
  • In logistics, BRF has adopted new safety procedures and has advised drivers to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer, avoid hanging around the communal areas of the units to reduce the risk of infection, and is offering ready meals and medical support to help truck companies to handle suspicious cases.

Olam supports fight against COVID-19 pandemic

  • Olam International stands united with the global community amid challenging times as the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold and impact all.
  • The funds provide relief for those affected by the COVID-19 crisis, particularly patients, healthcare and frontline workers, and vulnerable Singaporeans.
  • Around the world, Olam has joined forces with its partners and governments to support national efforts on public sanitisation, awareness campaigns and distribution of medical supplies.
  • To address challenges facing local communities, Olam is disseminating information and advice on COVID-19 to farmers through its online platforms, supporting mobile payments to farmers, and providing food packages to frontline workers.
  • Through its infrastructure and logistics business, ARISE, it has sourced and distributed essential medical and healthcare equipment, including 50 ventilators, 24 thermal cameras, 10,000 electronic thermometers, 500,000 gloves, 230,000 disinfectant gels and 7 million masks, to communities in Africa.
  • In the majority of markets where it operates, Olam’s processing facilities continue to remain operational, where local regulations allow, and it is maintaining its business operations to service customers’ needs.
  • Over the past several weeks it has taken action to suspend all travel, implement additional health and safety precautions across its locations worldwide, as well as introduces new working protocols, such as working from home and staggered shift rotations at its processing facilities, to support social distancing.

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