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Osem has inaugurated a new factory to help bring its much-loved peanut snack Bamba to even more people worldwide.

The new factory in the Osem industrial campus in Kiryat Gat was built with an investment of around NIS 200 million (CHF 55 million), and will employ about 150 people.

Bamba is a peanut and corn snack that first came to the market in 1966. It is hugely popular in Israel and internationally, including in the United States and the United Kingdom.

In the first stage, Osem will double the production volume to about one million bags of Bamba per day, and later on to about 1.5 million bags. Osem is currently starting to sell Bamba through the American retail giant Walmart, and in the coming months it will begin supplying Bamba to a number of additional leading retail chains in the US.

Osem was established in 1942, when three small pasta manufacturers decided to work together. In 2016, Nestlé became the sole shareholder in Osem.

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