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paysafecard, a market leader in online prepaid payment solutions and part of specialized payments platform, Paysafe, continues to strengthen its presence in South America by launching in Paraguay.

  • •paysafecard enables consumers to shop for goods and services online, simply and securely, using a 16-digit PIN to complete the payment transaction.
  • It opens up significant possibilities for online shopping for millions of consumers who were previously excluded – either because they don’t have a bank account or credit card, or because they don’t want to share their bank account details on the internet, often for security reasons.
  • Out of Paraguay’s seven million inhabitants1, about 65% have internet access2 while mobile phone penetration is relatively high at 96.6%.3 As of 2017, only 31% of the population had bank accounts and just 6.5% of the adult population had credit cards.
  • paysafecard provides an ideal solution for Paraguayans to use prepaid vouchers to make online purchases conveniently and without the need for bank accounts or credit card information.
  • Thanks to a partnership with Practipago, a popular payment and collection network, paysafecard can be bought at over 1,800 retail outlets in Paraguay
    • Practipago has grocery stores, convenience stores, petrol stations and kiosks acroos the country

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