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Sanofi in order to discover and develop therapies announced to acquire Kadmon Holdings, Inc. for approximately USD 1.9 billion. The transaction will add Rezurock™(belumosudil) to Sanofi’s transplant portfolio.

  • Kadmon Holdings, Inc. a biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, and markets transformative therapies for disease areas of significant unmet medical needs.
  • Rezurock is a recently FDA-approved, first-in-class treatment for chronic graft-versus-host disease (cGVHD) for adult and pediatric patients 12 years and older who have failed at least two prior lines of systemic therapy.

The major investments and deals by Sanofi are featured below:

Aug 2021: To strengthen application of messenger RNA, Sanofi agreed to acquire all outstanding shares of Translate Bio for approximately $3.2 billion. The deal will accelerate deployment of mRNA technology across vaccines and therapeutics development.

April 2021: To increase vaccine manufacturing in Asian region, Sanofi announced to invest $475 million over five years to create a unique vaccine production center in Singapore. The new project is expected to create up to 200 local jobs and enhance Singapore’s position as a regional innovation hub for the healthcare industry.

Nov 2020: Sanofi had signed a merger agreement with Kiadis Pharma N.V. in a $363 million deal. Kiadis’ NK cell-based medicines will be developed alone and in combination with Sanofi’s existing platforms.

Aug 2020: To strengthen core R&D areas, Sanofi announced an agreement to acquire a late-stage biopharmaceutical company Principia Biopharma Inc for approximately $3.68 billion. The Principia focused on developing treatments for immune-mediated diseases.

July 2020: Sanofi announced a five-year strategic collaboration with The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to accelerate the development of investigational treatments, including targeted and immune-therapies, for patients with cancer.

June: Sanofi announced that its vaccines global business unit Sanofi Pasteur agreed to expand its collaboration and license agreement with Translate Bio to develop mRNA vaccines for infectious diseases.

June 2020: Sanofi announced that it will invest $688 million to create a new production site and research center in France with both dedicated to vaccines. The company will make significant investments to increase its vaccines research and production capacities, and contribute in responding to future pandemic risks.

April 2020: GlaxoSmithKline is a leading global pharmaceutical company announced that it has signed a letter of intent with Sanofi to develop an adjuvanted vaccine for COVID-19. Both companies will use innovative technology to help address the ongoing pandemic.

December 2019, Sanofi announced to acquire Synthorx for approximately US$2.5 billion. Synthorx is a clinical-stage biotechnology company emphasis on cancer and autoimmune disorders. The acquisition of the Synthorx’s immuno-oncology (IO) platform will synergistic with Sanofi’s existing therapeutic platforms.

October 2019, Sanofi opened its first digitally-enabled manufacturing facility at Framingham, Massachusetts, USA. The new Massachusetts facility marks the world’s first digital facilities using intensified, continuous biologics production technology. The digitally-enabled manufacturing facility features leading-edge technology that connects the production process with research and development for new medicines.

July 2019, Sanofi signed a strategic agreement with healthcare company Roche Holding for the exclusive over-the-counter (OTC) rights to Tamiflu for the treatment of influenza in the USA. As per the agreement, Sanofi will be responsible for leading FDA negotiations for the OTC switch and also have control of exclusive marketing, scientific engagement, and distribution of Tamiflu OTC in America.

About Sanofi
Sanofi a global biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Paris, France. The company is devoted to supporting people through their health challenges. Sanofi is transforming scientific innovation into healthcare solutions with more than 100,000 employees in around 100 countries of the world. The company covers therapeutic areas like the central nervous system, cardiovascular, oncology, diabetes, internal medicine, and thrombosis, and vaccines.

The company’s healthcare solutions are available in approximately 170 countries around the globe. Company’s global team comprises scientists, technicians, physicians, product and manufacturing engineers, and world-class innovators.

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