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The leading transport engineering company Skoda Transportation has begun construction of a new manufacturing and testing facility in Pilsen, Czech Republic. The company will hire more than a thousand people for new facility.

  • The company will invest more than $36 million in its main complex.
    • The Pilsen production line expand to include new facilities for making undercarriages.
  • Skoda Transportation is owned by the leading financial and investment company PPF Group.
  • Skoda is one of the technological leaders in the field, bringing innovations to public transport and sophisticated production with high added value, and it does this by using its own research and development.

In July 2020: The Skoda Transportation group signed an agreement to acquire 100% stake in Ostrava-based company EKOVA ELECTRIC. The share will be transferred to the Škoda Transportation group in 2021. After completion of merger Škoda Transportation group will contribute to the further development of EKOVA ELECTRIC.

In May 2020, Skoda Electric from Škoda Transportation will supply thirty modern low-floor trolleybuses to the capital of Bulgaria. Bulgaria will use funding from the European Union to buy the vehicles. The transport company in Sofia will receive a fleet of 18-meter articulated Škoda 27 Tr vehicles with traction batteries.

In January 2020: Skoda Transportation had signed a purchase contract for the supply of up to 45 six-car metro trains for the Polish capital. The total value of the contract may be almost 8 billion crowns.

About Skoda Transportation
Škoda Transportation, headquartered in Plze?, Czech Republic, is a leading manufacturer of vehicles for city and railway transport. Škoda Transportation is a technical and machinery division of PPF Group. The company employs more than five thousand people in Pilsen, Prague, Ostrava or Šumperk area. Škoda Transportation offers solution of production and development of low-floor trams, trolley buses and hybrid vehicles. The company is operating in Germany, Finland, Russia and Hungary as incharge of individual projects.

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