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United Petfood a world’s leading pet food supplier, has announced that a letter of intent has been signed for the acquisition of Netherlands based Jonker Petfood. The deal includes the acquisition of a third plant in the Netherlands that will further strengthen United Petfood‘s position in the Dutch market.

The transaction between United Petfood and Jonker Petfood aims to conclude in early June 2020. Jonker Petfood, headquartered in Waalwijk is a family business with many years of experience in the production of dry food for dogs and cats. The site has modern lines for all production stages and was expanded with additional warehouse and office space in 2011.

In March 2020, United Petfood had acquired the Dutch IAMS Europe B.V. plant in Coevorden from Spectrum Brands. The site currently manufactures the IAMS and EUKANUBA brands and will continue to do so in future.

In January 2020, United Petfood, had acquired Italian company Effeffe Petfood. Effeffe is a producer of private label petfood located in Pieve Porto Morone.

About United Petfood

United Petfood, is world’s leading pet food manufacturer. The company is the expert in high quality dry dog and cat food, dog biscuits and snacks. The company is an exclusive private label manufacturer of pet foods. The company has clients in all European Countries, Russia, China, Japan and USA.

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