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UPS to speed up customer services in peak session plans to hire more than 100,000 essential seasonal employees. The new hiring will support the anticipated annual increase in package volume that will begin in October 2021 and continue through January 2022.

  • The company is filling full- and part-time seasonal positions – primarily package handlers, drivers, driver helpers and personal vehicle drivers.
    • The company will offer a competitive wage across multiple shifts in hundreds of locations across the country.

The prominent deals and expansions by UPS are mentioned below:

Jan 2021: The leading freight solution provider UPS , announced to sell its UPS Freight (UPSF) to TFI International Inc. for approximately $800 million. Richmond based UPS Freight is one of the largest LTL carriers in the U.S., offering a full range of regional and long-haul solutions and an on-time delivery guarantee for all LTL shipments.

February 2020: The world’s leading logistics company UPS announced the construction of a new $173 million advanced-technology super hub in Hannover-Langenhagen, Germany. The hub will be one of UPS’s largest investments outside the United States. The Hannover based Super Hub will serve as an important link in UPS’s European and German network and offer businesses improved access to the company’s smart global logistics network.

January 2020: UPS ordered a huge quantity of bespoke purpose built electric vehicles from Arrival, the initial order of 10,000 vehicles will be rolled out over 2020-2024 with the option for a further order of 10,000. Arrival’s Generation 2 Electric Vehicles are a new category of electric vehicles that surpass traditional vehicles in cost, design and efficiency with 50% operational cost savings for fleet owners.

January 2020: UPS announced its capacity expansions with new super hubs and three package sortation and distribution centers that will create more than 1,700 full-time equivalent jobs in different locations.

October 2019: UPS announced that the company plans to purchase approximately 6,000 natural gas-powered trucks beginning in 2020 and running through 2022. This three-year commitment represents a $450M investment in expanding the company’s alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle fleet as well as supporting infrastructure

About UPS
United Parcel Service (UPS), headquartered at Atlanta, Georgia, the USA, is a global leader in supply chain management. The company offers a broad range of solutions including transporting packages and freight; facilitating international trade, and deploying advanced technology to more efficiently manage the world of business. The company has operations in more than 220 countries.

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