Covid-19, Global Health Bulletin Part- 02

Posted On : Apr 14, 2020/Biotechnology

Covid-19, Global Health Bulletin Part- 02: The leading financial intuition Asian Development Bank (ADB) has assured Indian government to support with approximately $2.2 billion in its fight against the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, The leading financial intuition African Development Bank Group has announced the creation of the COVID-19 Response Facility to assist regional member countries in fighting the coronavirus pandemic, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund The Russian Direct Investment Fund, announced the production of cell culture fluid biomass in partnership with the Russian-Japanese company EMG. This will enable EMG to produce up to one million high-quality rapid tests for the detection of COVID-19, and Coronavirus epidemic is now spreading to whole world. The World Bank has announced its first set of emergency support operations for developing countries around the world.

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