Top 4 Int. Financial Agencies News from 04- 09 May 2020

Posted On : May 09, 2020/InternationalDevelopment

The top four global news from 04- 09 May 2020: The Manila based financial intuition Asian Development Bank (ADB) has announced an additional $500 million loan to bolster the efforts of the Government of Bangladesh to manage the impact of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic on the country’s economy and the public health, The international financial institution World Bank has approved a flexible $500 million loan to Ecuador to help during the Covid-19 emergency and to promote economic recovery. The loan is the second in a series of three Development Policy Financing (DPF) operations. The first loan of this series was disbursed in June 2019, The leading International financial institution International Finance Corporation (IFC) has approved a $100 million loan to Banco Davivienda. The fund will boost the bank’s ability to increase its lending for low-income housing, women-owned small and medium enterprises, and sustainable agribusiness projects in Colombia, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund RDIF announced that Russia-Japan Investment Fund (RJIF), joins the investment in the Russia-Japan coronavirus diagnostics system EMG Evotech Mirai Genomics. EMG is one of the world’s fastest and most accurate systems and able to detect the virus in few minutes.

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