Top 4 Int. Financial Agencies News from 20 April- 2 May 2020

Posted On : May 02, 2020/InternationalDevelopment

Top four global news from 20th April to 1st May 2020: Regional financial intuition Asian Development Bank has announced approximately one and half billion U S Dollars financial support to the Government of Indonesia to alleviate the impact of the novel coronavirus disease pandemic on public health, and the national economy, The European financial institution European Investment Bank has approved approximately five and half billion U S dollars for businesses hit by the economic shock created by COVID-19, Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved approximately $1.5 billion loan to the Government of India to help fund its response to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic and The global financial institution World Bank has announced that it delivered $10 million in emergency funding to Pacific island country Vanuatu to support the country’s response to the combined impacts of the global COVID-19.

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